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一、英语作文写童话故事 70 词幼儿故事连载


我喜欢童话故事 I Like Fairy Tales

Since I was a little baby, my parents read simple stories for me. They bought me many cartoon books with stories. They were my bedtime stories. Among all the interesting stories, I like fairy tales most, because they are often beautiful love stories beeen prince and princes or Cinderella. They are so moved and full of love. Besides, in fairy tales, no matter how much they suffer, they will always live a happy life in the end. The happy endings bring hope and satisfaction to people, making us hopeful to our own lives.

您的采纳,是我答题的动力,O(∩_∩)O 谢谢


Last weekend,I saw some monkeys in the zoo.I like them very much.They are very interesting and very clever.There are an old monkey in the tree.Many other monkeys like to follow it.Sometimes they climbed up the tree,and sometimes they play in the ground.But they look very happy.Oh,sometimes they talk to each other.Oh,look.they are play games there.They are like the children.I like the monkeys.they’re my good friends.


Indian story”Camels and urns are lost.” In the past there was a man filled with millet in an urn. His family camel put his head into the urns to eat millet, but the head did not e out. An old man told the owner:” I teach you a way to cut the camel’s head and it will e out automatically.” When the master listened to the old man, he cut the head of the camel with a knife. Kill the camel, but still did not solve the problem. Until the urn was broken, it was taken out. The fool got ridiculed by all.

五“我最喜欢的童话故事”英语作文 70 词左右

In my life, I prefer fairy tales to other tories. I think they are very fun and sometimes make me happy. One of the moving fairy tales is a great story named”The Little Mermaid”. It was so sad that I almost cried along with it as I read. I like the feminine because of her kind and love. And when she died, she changed into a bubble.To love her prince she choose suffering.How great she is! Although this story had a sad ending, this little girl who has true love moved everyone. She live inmy heart forever!

七用英文作文介绍童话故事小红帽,70 字




A man was going to the house of some rich person. As he went along the road, he saw a box of good apples at the side of the road. He said,”I do not want to eat those apples; for the rich man will give me much food; he will give me very nice food to eat.” Then he took the apples and threw them away into the st. He went on and came to a river. The river had bee very big; so he could not go over it 宝宝成语故事. He waited for some time; then he said,”I cannot go to the rich man’s house today, for I cannot get over the river.” He began to go home. He had eaten no food that day. He began to want food. He came to the apples, and he was glad to take them out of the st and eat them. Do not throw good things away; you may be glad to have them at some other time.


九 60 词~80 词英语作文童话故事,随便什么童话故事都可以,求结答

Summer is the season of the sun, the forest is the most fun, the most happy time.

Dog went out early in the morning, go to the river to take a bath it, cool off.

Not e to the river, he heard the distant sound of his partners laughter.

“They have to, ah! I have to go to hurry up.” dog the urgent pace up.

Came to the river, the*** all bear to see an elephant standing in the river, tossed a long nose busy.

A spray of flowers give deer spray, an array of heavy rain will pig under his brother, one would then roll a banana nose handed monkey, one can also use the tip of the nose to the rabbit sister pinch a flower.

“Poof!” Elephant to do spray a big splash! dog shy*** ile.

One day the wind said to the sun,“Look at that man walking along the road. I can get his cloak off more quickly than you can.”

“We will see about that,” said the sun.“I will let you try first.”

So the wind tried to make the man take off his cloak. He blew and blew, but the man only pulled his cloak more closely around himself.

“I give up,” said the wind at last.“I cannot get his cloak off.” Then the sun tried. He shone as hard as he could. The man soonbecame hot and took off his cloak.





Ajax was a man of giant stature,daring but slow.When the Trojan War was about to break out he led his forces from Salamis to join the Greek army at Aulis.

As one of the trustiest champions of the Greek cause,he was given thejob of guarding one end of the Greek camp near Troy.He was noted in the battlefield for his bravery and courage.After Achilles’ death he became one of the o hot contestants for the dead hero’s

shield and armour,the other being Odysseus.When the weapons were finally judged to his rival,Ajax went mad for grief.Unable to get over the hardships,he took his own life.

When,in order to seek the advice of,Odysseus came to visit the lower world,the shade of Ajax frowned uponhim.In the lower world Ajax chose to be a lion,guided clearly by the bitter recollection of his former life.





One day the staff members of a zoo called a meeting to discuss the problem–how to deal with the kangaroos that were found out of the cage. They came to the conclusion that the cage was placed too low and decided to raise it from one to o meters high.

But the next day the kangaroos were still at large and they again raised the cage to three meters.Quite beyond their expectation the next morning they saw the kangaroos still free to go about.

They were alarmed and determined to go to all the length by raising the cage to the height of ten meters.Later a giraffe, while chatting with some kangaroos, asked them,“Do you think they will go on raising your cage?”

“Hard to say,” said a kangaroo,“if they continue fetting to fasten the cage door.”

汉语翻译:有一天,动物园的管理员们发现袋鼠从笼子里跑出来了,于是开会讨论,一致认为是笼子的高度过低,所以他们决定将笼子的高度由原来的 1 米加高到 2 米。结果第二天他们发现,袋鼠还是跑到外面来,所以他们又决定再将高度加高到 3 米。

没想到隔天居然又看到袋鼠全跑到外面,于是管理员们大为紧张,决定一不做二不休,将笼子的高度加高到 10 米。



In spring, the mother pig took the little pig LuLu to the foot of the mountain. They planted some watermelon.When summer came, there were many big round watermelons in the field.

One day, the sun was burning like a fire, it was terribly hot on the ground. The mother pig said to the little pig:”Lulu, go to the field to pick a watermelon back,ok?” Lulu said happily:”Ok! No problem.”Then he ran to the watermelon field. When he got to the field,

he was happy to find so many big green watermelons. He chose one of the biggest watermelon and picked it from the vine. Then he held it with his hands trying to lift is on his shoulder to carry it home.”Wow!It’s so heavy!” Lulu tried several times, but he failed.

And he was socked with sweat. He wiped his sweat off and decided to have a rest.Suddenly he saw the monkey Pipi. He was playing with a hoop. Lulu patted his head and said:”I’ve got it.” He thought,the round hoop can roll, the watermelon round too,then it can roll too.

He then put the big melon on the ground and rolled it forward quickly.At last he got home with the watermelon.The mother pig knew the story, she exclaimed:”My child, you’re really clever!”






A crow felt very thirsty. He looked for water everywhere. Finally, he found a pitcher.

But there was not a lot of water in the pitcher. His beak could not reach it. He tried again and again, but still could not touch the water.

When he was about to give up, an idea came to him. He took a pebble and dropped it into the pitcher. Then he took another and dropped it in.Graally, the water rose, and the crow was able to drink the water.




二、英语童话故事带翻译 50 字

童话故事名:贪心的狮子 Greedy Lion.


The lion caught a sleeping rabbit under the tree and was trying to have a good meal.

However, he saw a deer passing by and greedily left the rabbit to chase the deer.


The lion ran for a long time, but the deer ran away and returned to the tree, but the hare had already disappeared.


The lion said ruefully: I really deserve it, because of greed, but the two ends fell.













2、 The mailman barely made it to the front door. When the door opened, Mrs. Pennington said,”hello”, but, before she had a real chance to say”thank you”, the mail blew out of the mailman's hands, into the house and the front door slammed in his face. Mrs. Pennington ran to pick up the mail.

3、 Tommy was watching the shutters open and then shut, open and then shut.

4、”Mom,” he said,”may I go outside?”

5、”Be careful,” she said.”It's so windy today.”

6、 Tommy crawled down from the window-seat and ran to the door. He opened it with a bang. The wind blew fiercely and snatched the newly recovered mail from Mrs. Pennington's hands and blew it even further into the house.

7、”Oh my,” she said again. Tommy ran outside and the door slammed shut.

8、 Outside, yellow, gold, and red leaves were leaping from swaying trees, landing on the roof, jumping off the roof, and then chasing one another down the street in tiny whirlwinds of merriment.

9、 Tommy watched in fascination.

10、”If I was a leaf, I would fly clear across the world,” Tommy thought and then ran out into the yard among the swirl of colors.

11、 Mrs. Pennington came to the front porch.

12、”Tommy, I have your jacket. Please put it on.”

13、 However, there was no Tommy in the front yard.

14、 Tommy was a leaf. He was blowing down the street with the rest of his play-mates.

15、 A maple leaf came close-by, touched him and moved ahead. Tommy met him shortly, brushed against him, and moved further ahead. They swirled around and around, hit cars and poles, flew up into the air and then down again.

16、 The maple leaf blew in front of him. It was bright red with well-defined veins. The sun-light shone through it giving it a brilliance never before seen by a little boy's eyes.

17、”Where do you think we are going?” Tommy asked the leaf.

18、”Does it matter?” the leaf replied.”Have fun. Life is short.”

19、”I beg to differ,” an older leaf said suddenly coming beside them.”The journey may be short, but the end is the beginning.”

20、 Tommy pondered this the best a leaf could ponder.

21、”If the wind blows you in that direction,” the old leaf said,”you will end up in the city dump.”

22、”I don't want that,” Tommy said.

23、”If you are blown in that direction, you will fly high into the air and see things that no leaf has seen before.”

24、”Follow me to the city dump,” the maple leaf said.”Most of my friends are there.”

25、 The wind blew Tommy and the maple leaf along. Tommy thought of his choices. He wanted to continue to play.

26、”Okay,” Tommy said,”I will go with you to the dump.”

27、 The winds shifted and Tommy and the leaf were blown in the direction of the city dump.

28、 The old leaf didn't follow. He was blown further down the block and suddenly lifted up high into the air.

29、”Hey,” he called out,”the sights up here. They are spectacular. Come and see.”

30、 Tommy and the maple leaf ignored him.

31、”I see something. I see the dump.” The old leaf cried out.”I see smoke. Come up here. I see fire.”

32、”I see nothing,” the maple leaf said.

33、 Tommy saw the fence that surrounded the city dump. He was happy to be with his friend. They would have fun in the dump.

34、 Suddenly, a car pulled up. It was Tommy's mom. Mrs. Pennington wasn't about to let her little boy run into the city dump.

35、”Not so fast,” she said getting out of the car.”You are not allowed to play in there. Don't you see the smoke?”

36、 Tommy watched the maple leaf blow against the wall and struggle to get over. He ran over to get it but was unable to reach it.

37、 Mrs. Pennington walked over and took the leaf. She put it in her pocket.

38、”There,” she said,”it will be safe until we get home.”

39、 Tommy smiled, ran to the car and got in. He rolled down the back window and looked up into the sky. He wondered where the old leaf had gone. Perhaps one day he would see what the old leaf had seen- perhaps.

40、 Once upon a time a Wolf was lapping at a spring on a hillside, when, looking up, what should he see but a Lamb just beginning to drink a little lower down.‘There’s my supper,’ thought he,‘if only I can find some excuse to seize it.’ Then he called out to the Lamb,‘How dare you muddle the water from which I am drinking?’

41、‘Nay, master, nay,’ said Lambikin;‘if the water be muddy up there, I cannot be the cause of it, for it runs down from you to me.’

42、‘Well, then,’ said the Wolf,‘why did you call me bad names this time last year?’

43、‘That cannot be,’ said the Lamb;‘I am only six months old.’

44、‘I don’t care,’ snarled the Wolf;‘if it was not you it was your father;’ and with that he rushed upon the poor little Lamb and.WARRA WARRA WARRA WARRA WARRA.ate her all up. But before she died she gasped out.’Any excuse will serve a tyrant.’







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