短小的爱情寓言故事英语篇 英语寓言小故事15则(中英文对照)

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1、The vixen and the lioness 雌狐与母狮 One morning when a vixen was taking her babies out of the lair, she saw a lioness and her cub.”Why do you have only one child, dear dame?” asked the vixen.”Look at my healthy and numerous children here, and imagine, if you are able, how a proud mother should feel.” The lioness said calmly,”Yes, just look at that beautiful collection. What are they? Foxes! I've only one, but remember, that one is a lion.”雌狐与母狮●一天清早,雌狐狸带着她的孩子走出巢穴,看见了母狮子和她的孩子。●“为什么你只有一个孩子,夫人?”雌狐狸问,“看我这群健康的孩子,如果有能力,一个骄傲的妈妈应该多养一些孩子。”●母狮平静地说:“是呀,看看这漂亮的一大群,他们都是狐狸!我只有一个,可他毕竟是一头狮子。”寓意:贵重的价值在于质,而不在于量。

2、:The dog and the wolf 狗和狼 A wolf was almost dead with hunger. A house-dog saw him, and asked,”Friend, your irregular life will soon ruin you.”Why don't you work steadily as I do, and get your food regularly?””I would have no objection,” said the wolf,”if I could only get a place.””I will help you,” said the dog.”Come with me to my master, and you shall share my work.” So the wolf and the dog went to the town together. On the way the wolf saw that there was no hair around the dog's neck. He felt quite surprised, and asked him why it was like that?”Oh, it is nothing,” said the dog.”Every night my master puts a collar around my neck and chains me up. You will soon get used to it.””Is that the only reason?” said the wolf.”Then good-bye to you, my friend. I would rather be free.”狗和狼●一只狼快要饿死了,一只狗看见后问他:“你现在的无规律的生活一定会毁掉你,为什么不像我一样稳定地干活并有规律地获得食物呢?”●狼说:“如果我有个地方住,我没有意见。”狗回答说:“跟我到主人那里去,我们一起工作。”于是狼和狗一起回到了村子。●在路上,狼注意到狗的脖子上有一圈没有毛,他很奇怪地问为什么会那样。●“噢,没有什么,”狗说,“我的主人每天晚上都用一条铁链子拴住我,你很快就会习惯的。”“就是因为这个原因吗?”狼说道,“那么,再见了,我的朋友,我宁愿选择自由。”寓意:自由比安乐更重要。英语寓言故事集之-两口锅 The two pots There were two pots on the bank of a river. One was made of brass, and the other was made of clay. When the water rose they both floated off down the river. The earthen pot tried to stay away from the brass one. So the brass pot cried out,”Fear nothing, friend, I will not hit you.” http://www.ryedu.net”But I may come in contact with you,” said the earthen pot.”If I come too close, whether I hit you or you hit me, I shall suffer for it.” After that the earthen pot floated away.两口锅●河中漂流着一个瓦锅和一个铜锅。●每当潮涨潮落时,瓦锅就尽量地远离铜锅。铜锅大叫:“别害怕,朋友,我不会撞你的。”●“但是我有可能会和你接触,”瓦锅对铜锅说,“如果我离你太近,无论是你碰到我,或者是我自己不小心碰到你,我都会碎的。”●然后,瓦锅就漂走了。寓意:与强硬的人相伴是很不安全的

二、10 篇英语超短寓言故事


2、英语超短寓言故事篇 1:Fox is with the grape

3、 Hungry of the fox see the grape to up hang the radiant and extremely keen grape of a string, saliva direct current, and want to pick to eat, but again

4、 Can not take off.See in a short while, helplessly walked, and his side walk the side oneself to comfort to by oneself say:” this grape have noes familiar, affirmativeIs sour.”

5、 This is to say, and the some person's ability is small, and do to not accomplish anything, borrow to say the opportune moment immaturity.



8、英语超短寓言故事篇 2:Wolf and egret

9、 The wolf mistake swallowed a piece of bone, very suffered, running about, look for to visit the doctor everywhere.He met the egret, and talk to settle the service fees to invite him to take out the bone, egret to stretch in the wolf's throat the own head, and the 叼 outs bone, then toward to settle the good service fees wolfThe wolf answer says:” hello, friend, you can since the wolf 嘴 take back the head in the peace ground, and the difficult way return the dissatisfied foot, and how and still speak the guerdon?”

10、 This story elucidation, guerdon badly person act charitably, and is a bad person of cognition and does not speak the reputation's innate character.



13、英语超短寓言故事篇 3:Little boy and scorpion son

14、 There is a child in front of city wall to catch the grasshopper, and in a short while caught the lots of.Suddenly see a scorpion son, he to think is also grasshopper,

15、 Then two go to catch him.The scorpion son raises his poison to stab, say:” come, if you really dare to do like this, connect your grasshopper that catch to also would entirely lose.”

16、 This story warns people, and want to distinguish the pure good man with the bad person, and distinct to treat them.


短小的爱情寓言故事英语篇 英语寓言小故事15则(中英文对照)




1、编者按:《Alice in Wonderland》是一个带翻译的英语寓言故事,讲述的是主人公爱丽丝的房子变了模样,她自己也因为吃蛋糕而变得更小了。

2、 After Alice frightened everyone by growing as big as a house, she ate some little cakes and shrank again.She doesn't like being so tiny, so she's looking for something to make her grow to the right size. But this is Wonderland and what she finds,sitting on top of a mushroom, is very curious indeed…

3、 Alice 变得跟房子一样大的时候吓坏了不少人,然后她又吃了一些小蛋糕重新缩小回去。她不喜欢自己变得很小,所以她正在找能帮助她变成正常大小的东西。但是这是在奇幻仙境,她发现一个奇怪的东西坐在蘑菇顶上…

4、 Am I as small as a mushroom, or is the mushroom as tall as me? Ohh!!


6、 Sitting on top of the mushroom was ablue caterpillar smoking a hookah pipe.


8、 I… I'm not sure. I know who I was when I woke up this morning. But I've changed so many times since then!


10、 What do you mean by that? Explain yourself!

11、 I can't explain myself because I'mnot myself. It's very confusing… I think you should tell me who YOU are first.


13、 Alice couldn't think of any good reason. She decided to leave.

14、 Alice 没想好怎么说,她决定离开这里。

15、 Come back! I have something important to say!


17、 No. So you think you've changed, doyou?


19、 I have, sir. I don't stay the same size for more than ten minutes!


21、 Oh, I don't mind. A little bit bigger is all I would like. Seven centimetres is such a terrible height!

22、无所谓,大一点点最好。7 厘米的身高简直太可怕了!

23、 It is a very good height! I myself am exactly seven centimetres in height!


25、 And with that, the caterpillar crawled off the mushroom and away.


27、 One side of the mushroom will make you grow taller. The other side will make you grow shorter. Seven centimetres indeed!


29、 Hmmm… let me pull this side… and now this side…But which side is which?


31、 There was only one way to find outthe answer to that question. Alice took a bite of one piece of the mushroom-and shrank so quickly that she hit her chin on her foot.

32、有一个办法能帮助她找到正确答案,Alice 尝了这边的一小片蘑菇,然后迅速地缩小了,下巴都打到了脚面上。

33、 Quickly, she ate some of the other piece of mushroom and…


35、 Where have my shoulders gone?And my hands– where are you, hands?


37、 Alice grew and grew until her neck was as long as a snake. Up and up she grew, through the branches and leaves, untilher head was higher than the trees. Alice found she could move her neck just like a snake, bending this way and that. She was about to use her long neck to push her head down into the trees and look for her shoulders and hands,when suddenly a furious bird flew at her.

38、 Alice 慢慢地长大,她的脖子也越来越长,她的头穿过树枝和树叶,直到比树还高。Alice 发现自己可以像一条蛇一样弯来弯去,在她准备将头移到地下的时候,一只愤怒的小鸟朝她冲了过来。

39、 Snake! Snake! You want my eggs! I know!

40、 I'm not a snake! I'm a… I'm a little girl!


短小的爱情寓言故事英语篇 英语寓言小故事15则(中英文对照)

42、 Little girl or snake, it doesn't matter to me, you want my eggs just the same!


44、 I don't want your eggs, really Idon't!

45、 Then be off with you! Go away!

46、 The bird settled angrily into its nest. Alice ate a little of one side of the mushroom, then a little of the other, then a little of the first again until she was a good size. She decided to find her way back to the door to the beautiful garden that she saw when she first arrived in Wonderland. As she walked through the forest she found a little clearing, with a small house in it, not much more than a metre or so high.

47、那只小鸟生气地回到了自己的窝里。Alice 吃了这边的一小块蘑菇,变小了一点,又吃了另一边一点,吃了好几次之后,终于将身体变回了原来的大小。她决定回到最初刚进入奇幻仙境的地方,也就是花园的门那里。穿越森林时,她发现了一片空地,里面有个小房子,也就一米高左右。

48、 I wonder who lives here? The house is so small– anyone who lives here will surely be afraid of me!


50、 Alice ate a little more of the mushroom and quickly brought herself down to the right size for this little house. Next time, Alice meets a walking fish, talks to a smiling cat and has to look after a baby. Goodbye.

51、 Alice 吃了很多蘑菇,很快把自己的身体缩小到适合这个小房子的尺寸。下一集,Alice 会遇到一条会走路的鱼,将和一只会微笑的猫说话,而且还不得不照顾孩子。再见!


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